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Thread - Wish List!

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#1 - 22 Feb 2009

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Wish List!

A nice little feature would be a graph on one's profile showing the past results. I realise there are things in progress but would this be hard to incorporate?
#2 - 22 Feb 2009

Posted By:
Stoney X

That is already on the list and quite high up too. Except that shortly after the big upgrade happens.
#3 - 22 Feb 2009

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Hi, Where people have played a lot of games wouldn't a graph take up too much space?   The profiles already record the games won and lost.   Would that encourage people such as Windmill to fill in his profile?  No offence windmill.
But on another subject, it would be useful to be able to look back at messages one has sent.   I sometimes tend to forget exactly what I wrote to someone.   Perhaps one can already do this and I am too thick to know how?

[Edited : 22 Feb 2009]
#4 - 25 Feb 2009

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Gee Drip my life is pretty boring at the moment.

New Zealand, 37, Unemployed, My religion is drinking bourbon and smoking weed.

Maybe at a time when I have something worthwhile writting down I will do that. (Obviously a graph would only hold a certain amount of games).

Thanks Stoney Im glad it is high up on the list. It makes it easier selecting one's opponents and seeing the progress one is making(hopefully improvements). It also shows when one's rating is not as high as it should be as happened to me on a recent 3 week holiday due to a few timeouts.
#5 - 13 Jan 2011

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Please add conditional moves if possible asap. Thank you.

Also it would be nice if someone else posted anywhere in the forums. tia

[Edited : 10 Feb 2011]
#6 - 10 Apr 2011

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How about Chess960? I am certainly not the only one who'd love to play!
#8 - 17 Apr 2011

Posted By:
Stoney X

Chess960 is not currently on the wish list.
#9 - 3 Sep 2011

Posted By:

Chat during a game

I miss the chat function during a game ...
#10 - 7 Dec 2011

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it should be perfect if we could mail our game history. then one could take prints of games etc.


#11 - 18 Dec 2011

Posted By:
Stoney X

High on the wish list is to get PGN available on all games. This can then be used to re-create the games on whatever analytical tool you wish to use.

Could you provide a bit more info on what you would like email and I'll see if that can be done at some point.

#12 - 13 Apr 2013

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Hey Stoney,
Can we please have a filter so that we may be able to see all the games of one player with another player. It would be useful if we wish to see our performances against any particular opponent.

And thanks for this lovely site, excellent for enthusiasts like us.

#13 - 18 Apr 2013

Posted By:
Stoney X

I have a long wish list of things to do to this website. What you mention is on the list. It's just a question of finding the time....

#14 - 28 Jul 2013

Posted By:
Rakesh Agrawal

Great site

Hey Stoney,

First of all thanks for such a nice site. Its simple and very effective.

Also it would be nice and useful if some graphs/reports can be added for a player's ratings, results.
(I am not sure if it's already on the list.)

#15 - 3 Nov 2013

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Min/Max rating new games

This needs to be brought in asap.

The amount of times a certain player has been constantly accepting my games and deleting them just for the fun of it is ridiculous. Nothing seems to get done about this person so I can only suggest being able to choose min/max rating when setting up new games.

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