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Thread - No rating, no cheating, only play

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#1 - 14 Jun 2010

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No rating, no cheating, only play

On Sept 09 Sanboryaa posted “Best Sute Against Cheating” and obtained good answers.

Now I was thinking that, perhaps, the best way to avoid worrying about cheating could be a place, or site, where you could play without any rating at all. Just play for playing and record only wins and loses.

I have tried to find such a thing in the actual sites, but it looks like the players are frantic about tournaments and getting high ratings. . . like making art just for money.
#2 - 16 Jun 2010

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It depends a lot upon outlook towards chess.....
If a player is playing professionally then he will worry about his rating performances and not about casual play...........
And, also, a vocational player will play for fun without caring for
rating points..................
So, having a rating for such players is critical.....
Moreover it also gives us a chance to play with players similar to us or give lower rated players a chance....
SO, I believe that having ratings on websites is crucial.......
As for cheating,
Anti-Cheating Methods should be invented (Geez thats easier said than done!!).....................
#3 - 10 May 2012

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is cheating on the computer even possible?

[Edited : 10 May 2012]
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