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Thread - Slowness of Site

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#1 - 13 Aug 2012

Posted By:
Divil The Bother

Slowness of Site

Hi StoneyX
Over the last few days I've noticed COTW being very slow to load up - as in 30-40 seconds to load each page. All my other websites are fine so just wondering whether there was anything happening with this one and whether anyone else is encountering this issue.

#2 - 2 Sep 2012

Posted By:
Stoney X

I've not seen or heard from anybody else with regards to the site being slow. Are you still having issues?

#3 - 6 Sep 2012

Posted By:
Divil The Bother

Afraid so

Yes - eg when I clicked on reply on this thread it took about 30 secs to display this page.
I can hit F5 each time to speed things up but that's no fun after a while.
#4 - 7 Sep 2012

Posted By:


I think it may be on your part, I'm completely opposite in the sense that COTW runs faster than most other sites for me.
#5 - 9 Sep 2012

Posted By:
Divil The Bother

Maybe so...

But anybody got any ideas how to resolve it? All other websites load fine...
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