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Thread - Profiles

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#1 - 28 May 2007

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I have just read Hotdog's new profile and have to say that it is the most interesting diatribe I have yet to read and surely the most colourful. As for Stoney X. I can understand why you would allegedly treat HD so severely. He is an obvious threat, to, not only your chess integrety, but also to the rest of us. I can see you are clearly jealous and insecure in the face of all this and am very eager to know the outcome of the inevitable police investigation into your behaviour. And as we say in oz, 'onya, hotdog!'.
#2 - 28 May 2007

Posted By:
Stoney X

I'm quite happy to leave hotdog's new profile in place. I believe what he has written speaks more about himself than anybody else. While waiting to be shut down let's get a few chess games played. That is after all the purpose of the site!

#3 - 19 Jun 2007

Posted By:
Ray Duque III


My name is RAY DUQUE III from New York City. I just joined this chess site today, June 19, 2007. I'm looking forward to play chess with you. Please visit my profile. Just call me Ray. Thank you to all.
Ray Duque III
New York City

#4 - 8 Dec 2007

Posted By:
Ray Duque III


I just want to post my sites address here. I will just post a few but I have more.


You can also visit me at yahoo and google. Visit me here in these addresses.

Ray Duque III
New York City
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