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Thread - Tournaments.

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#18 - 23 Jun 2008

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private tournament

i do , Jevgenij
#19 - 25 Sep 2008

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How about unique names for each torney and they repeat every year...like real life.  The names could be anything, just make em up .  Sounds better than tourney #47, #48 etc.

And it'd be nice if the winner & runner-up could have the result appear in their profile.
#20 - 25 Sep 2008

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Stoney X

I like your ideas RPG-7. I already have plans for changes to the profile page but I hadn't thought about "annual" tournaments.

#21 - 26 Sep 2008

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Glad u like the suggestion.    Maybe you should open a 'Tournament title suggestion thread' & we can all chip in with some names for tournaments and you can then pick out what you like.
#22 - 31 May 2010

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League tournaments

Why league tournaments with 8+ players aren't held anymore? They would be better in some terms than 5 knockouts at the same time
I am new here, new in chess and in any similar sites; and have some suggestions:
1. divisions should be made like  <1200 and newbies; 1200-1500; >1500 and regular tournaments within each division
2. scoring system should be explained at the help/faq page, it's just nice to know
3. adding quick tournaments like move time 5min, game time 60min

Thanks to "site god"; great job anyway, smart and simple

[Edited : 3 Jun 2010]
#23 - 10 Jun 2010

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swiss tournaments

Dear stoney,
Arent swiss tournaments going to start????

Regards SSK
#24 - 16 Jun 2010

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Tournament victories in profiles

I like AalF's suggestion about putting tournament victories in the player's profiles. You may consider putting links to the tournaments in the winner's profile.
#25 - 17 Jun 2010

Posted By:
Stoney X

SSK, no plans for swiss tournaments at this time. Too many other things to do first.

chessWarrior, tournament wins will be added to player's profiles, eventually.

I have a list of things to do that is as long as my arm.... but at present I'm *still* in the process of re-writing the site.
#26 - 16 Jul 2011

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A query

In tournament Xray 145, it states in the tournament info that the prefered group size is 4. In round 2 we had two groups of 3, and one of 4. I myself finished 2nd in the group of 4. The next round you place through the two winners of the groups of 3, and the 1st place from the group of 4...making a group of three, when you could have also put the 2nd placed player through to make the prefered group of 4 in round 3.
Can you explain this to me?
Many thanks.
#27 - 18 Jul 2011

Posted By:
Stoney X

Only the winner of a group progresses to the next round. If players end the group tied on the highest points, then all the players tied at the top of the group will progress.
#28 - 26 Oct 2011

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Is there any chance we could vary the formats of the tournaments? perhaps to entice a bit more competition/variation. e.g league groups of 8, 16, or mixed group then knockout.  
Whilst i'm here, i'd just like to say that I like how the site usage is progressing. Well done.
#29 - 28 Oct 2011

Posted By:
Stoney X

Rorarama, I agree! Tournaments do need a bit of variation. I have created league groups in the past and they were popular. I will do my best to create more. In fact I'll create some now.
#30 - 28 Oct 2011

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nice idea

Looks interesting. Not for me, though. Too many games at once :) Maybe at some point when I have no other games.

But good initiative, thumbs up.
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