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Thread - What can i do?

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#1 - 30 Apr 2010

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What can i do?

What can i do if i suspect that a player is using computer
in the game?
I think that is ocurring im my tournament Knockout 45...
We, the legal players, must have a way to alert the boss
of this site about such kind of things.
#2 - 1 May 2010

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Have you contacted the site Gods?
#3 - 3 May 2010

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It's a serious allegation nelsongil.

Anybody reading your message can work out who you are talking about. (You can use:email admin@chessontheweb.com).

Your opponent seems to be better than you are. You and I have similar ratings and my own experience is that when you come up against players this much better than we are then it's natural to feel outclassed but you shouldn't default to the assumption that they cheat. I would love to think that every time I lost a game it was because I was playing an opponent so overwhelmed by my brilliance that they had to resort to cheating; but the simple fact is some people are better at chess than I am:)

This whole thing works on trust and I just go on the assumption that my opponent isn't using programs....if they are then I am flattered lol. I just relax and enjoy it...it's my leisure time after all...(even when I lose, it's an opportunity to improve my own game and do better next time) If my opponent does use programs then all they are doing is data imputting. It's a good challenge for me and I am getting so much more out of it than they are...

No excuse for slander!!!

#4 - 3 May 2010

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There isn't really any way of knowing if an opponent is cheating. But it doen't matter at all. If a programme is being used and you win, great stuff. If you lose, it is a hollow victory for the opponent. In the end, if someone is constantly using a programme, he/she is only fooling themselves. As Jay Jay has said: we play on trust. And it is important to maintain integrity.
#5 - 3 May 2010

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Stoney X

#6 - 10 Jan 2018

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Won hung lo

Big rezi

I agree I know who's been using programmes big resin is a great example just look at his recent games
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