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Thread - Chess movies

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#1 - 10 Jun 2007

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Chess movies

A couple of great chess movies.
An old one about a German chessmaster, played by Bruno Ganz, who plays chess with a new computer. Probably a parallel of Gary Kasparov vs Deep Blue. It is called 'Black and White Like Day & Night': a study in paranoia.
A more recent one is 'The Luzhin Defence' with John Turturo. It is a screenplay of a fictitious Russian Chessmaster. The original novel was writen by Vladamir Nabakov. For those that are not familiar, he is a Noble prize winner for literature. Best known for having written 'Lolita'. Both movies are very much worth seeing, even if you're not exactly a chess buff.

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#2 - 16 Jun 2007

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i have seen one chess movie and it was pretty boring. i like reading more chess books about the opening as i feel i am to quick sometimes to get the game over quickly. since reading it has helped. i will try and watch your movie it sounds interesting.

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